Get in on the AWESOMENESS!

We have 4 Main Goals for how we work with Realtors:

1. Social Exposure– Lets help build your audience and subsidize some of your social content by getting you in front of our 580,000+ Follower audience

2.Property Promo– When you have a property to showcase you get to include our relationship and exposure stats in your listing presentation showing off clicks to site, videos, views, and total exposure immensely separating you from anything other agents can offer.

3.Site Traffic- Real Estate posts typical average $.08-.$20ish per click from social, we aim for at least 6,500 clicks to your site per month putting it at an average of $.11/per click. Some posts however have blown up to 12k-15k on 1 Facebook post

4. Relationship Curation- You get to come along to to restaurants and other business who we feature getting to connect with owners and staff.


Total Followers


Total Post Impressions 2022


Average Cost Per Click (CPC)


Average CPM

Realtor Sponsorship: $750/mo

  • Minimum 1 Property Post per week (Minimum of 4 posts for ALL of  YOUR personal listings)
  • Minimum 1 IG Collaboration Post per week (Typically 4-8 per month)
  • Approx 6,500+ Clicks to your website per month
  • Come to a minimum of 4 lifestyle locations per month
  • Instagram Stories– Just tag us in your storie and we will add them all to ours tagging you

The Proof is in the Pudding