Tampa Riverwalk Scavenger Hunt Clues

When you discover a treasure take a selfie showing the prize you found, post it to your IG story, and Tag FunTampa & TampaBayisAwesome 🙏

$2000 | 55 Prizes

1 “Home of the Sail”
2 “Use Franklin St Crosswalk”
3 15 paces off the dock to Waterworks
4 4 planters, yeah, why not
5 Above the Wars End
6 Almost there, just put some air in the tires!
7 Be careful on those train tracks!
8 Between 2 blue signs
9 Bridges, Firehydrants, and treasure oh my!
10 Closest White Chair to throw a stone
11 Come on Straz, a rusty gate? You are better then that!
12 Concrete barriers to metal handrails, why not just keep it consistent?
13 Does this bridge ever really open?
14 Fortune Taylor has gotta be thirsty
15 Fowler’s all the way down here on Riverwalk.
16 Grab your bike, it’s only 2 miles back to Sail
17 I hope there are no trolls near Ulele
18 I hope this drain pipe doesn’t flood the tunnel
19 I loved my Fisherprice version of this instrument
20 If you only had a map…
21 Ignacio Haya probably wants to sit down
22 Is this building EVER gonna start contruction?!?
23 It’s almost a mile!
24 It’s only 3 flights, you can do it!
25 Just floating till someone finds me.
26 Kate has never been able to see a Duck Race!
27 Let’s catch the Water Taxi!
28 Let’s get behind our “US Military”
29 Let’s go bulls!
30 No fishing under bridges!
31 Perfect spot for the birds to wear green and gold
32 Please don’t climb the wall near the crosswalk
33 Really Ray, astro turf?
34 Regions apparently is into electriciy and lights too
35 Romantic view of Julian B Lane
36 Run fido! Now jump! Climb!
37 Sail away up the stairs to Straz
38 Seriously? You opted to not have a staircase connected to Riverwalk?
39 Sit down, “Faith is the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”
40 Slowdown on this turn near the Marriot
41 That’s a nice view of UT
42 The 1st People planted lots of trees
43 The birds are not welcome at the Sheraton
44 There sure are a lot more staits than I thought…
45 These rocks could be a decent chair…probably not
46 Tie your shoes before crossing Cass Street!
47 Under Street Laced
48 Wave the flags and represent! But incase of emergency you are covered too.
49 Whoa, toro! Don’t step on me
50 Woven Waves art is pretty cool

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NEXT EVENT: Ybor City Scavenger Hunt

$5000 | 130 Prizes

We are getting out bearings with Event #1 at Sail, Round #2 is on deck to be EVEN BIGGER and BETTER! 

The first event SOLD OUT in less than 24 Hours!

Next round will be on Sat, July 15th at 10:00am

We will be making official announcements and releasing tickets through social media June 3rd, BUT SINCE YOU ARE HERE you can get in on early registration which will open up for all Round #1 participants Thurs, June 1st after the event.