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We have 3 Main Goals for how we work with sponsors:

  1. Keep YOU top of mind! With so many new places opening every month it is critical to stay relevant.
  2. Get other people sharing and tagging friends! “How did you hear about us? My friend told me about you.” is by far the most common and effective promotion you could ask for. We are here to help foster that communication online 🙂
  3. Get YOU in front of MORE people than if you boosted the post yourself. Showing off how awesome you are is great, but the impact grows exponentially when it comes from someone else with a larger and active audience.

Facebook Likes

Instagram Followers

Site Visits 2019

Post Impressions 2020

1 Month Exposure Showcase: $300

We find that service based businesses get the most amount of value and exposure with a content promotion blitz and ad plan. We continue to find that running any paid ads though our page for our sponsors creates traffic at a fraction of the cost you may currently be investing. 

  • Promotion Consultation
  • 2+ Instagram Stories– Bonus MENTION us in your story and we will add as many as possible
  • 2+ Facebook Stories
  • 1 Live IGTV Interview Video
  • 1 Ad run through our pages directing traffic to your call to action

$600 Exposure Value Compared to A La Carte

The Proof is in the Pudding

A Few Video Examples